How Do You Measure Heat Pump Efficiency?

How Do You Measure Heat Pump Efficiency?

Are you looking for an alternate method of heating and cooling your house? Many individuals are turning to heat pumps. Nevertheless, how do you measure heat pump efficiency? Well, there are 4 types of measurements that are used to explain the specific efficiency. Any of those specific measurements can be utilized at any one time.

This article will try to provide some light on the ways of determining heat pump efficiency. One methodology is to check the amount of energy delivered by the pump to the precise amount it consumes.

One thing to keep in mind, when comparing measurements for heat pump effectivity is the higher the number, the higher the precise efficiency of the pump.

The commonest measurement used for heat pump effectivity ratings is the Coefficient of Performance or COP. This refers back to the ratio of the heat pump's BTU heat output to the BTU electrical output. A water or ground source heat pump has a score of three to five. An air supply heat pump normally has a COP score of to four. When the outside temperature drops, the COP of air supply heat pumps decreases. Therefore, whenever you examine these rankings, make certain they're primarily based on the identical outside air temperature.

Another methodology of figuring out heat pump effectivity is the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. This evaluates the effectivity throughout the cooling cycle of the particular unit. This score is also used for air conditioners. If the EER rating is higher than ten, then that could be a good machine.

Keep in mind that these heat pump effectivity measurements are basically factory or lab tests. The heat pump in question might even have a unique measurement in precise usage. The measurement might fluctuate depending on the climate or how much additional heat is required. Therefore, the perfect or more realistic measurement is one based on seasonal calculations. The seasonal ratings are HSPF and SEER.

The Heating Seasonal Efficiency Factor or HSPF is another of the heat pump efficiency measurements. If the ranking is between five to seven, then that may be a good rating to have. SEER or Seasonal Energy Effectivity Ratio is the measurement of total cooling in BTU's. An excellent SEER ranking is between eight and ten.

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